Live It Up
By: Holly Woods

Reviewed by: kcfraser

Not stuck in the WOODS

Holly isn't stuck in the woods. Holly has come up with a CD that asks the question; where are all the female rock singers gone? Ms Clarkson?? Ms Dion?? Not only can she stand toe to toe with any male rock vocalist, but knock him off the stage as well.

Live It Up shows Anna certainly has the vocal chops and charm to stand on her own. The front woman for TORONTO has lost nothing. Holly has a level of styling that only pure talent and years of professionalism can bring. From the first cut, and title track, she is confident and dominant throughout the CD.

In the slower song, Where Are We Now, thereís no doubting the commitment in her voice, with its clarity and its ragged edge. The girl can sing.

The whiplash-inducing guitar rif in Win starts the listener into a foot-stomping high energy tune that demands a replay.

In the cover tune, Hold On Iím Coming, Holly uses her opulent voice as a battering ram, bring a freshest to an old standard that few could do, and make it their own as well

The entire CD fits together like jigsaw pieces with both the production and lyrics strongly pounding out song after song.

So, if you go out in the woods tonight, bring your diskman or iPod, it will be a lot more fun with Holly's Live It Up CD

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